​'I just wanted to let you know that the goodness has been dripping through and we have seen and heard all sorts of yogic wisdom from our daughter since the beginning of term.  She loves it and is very inspired!  Thanks!'

'Thanks for this! My children both love yoga with you so much, it will be fun to follow up with the books.'


Parents love Bookworm Yoga

I earned my children's yoga certification in the Yoga Bananas Technique® studying with the dynamic and highly skilled Skip Oliver of Yoga Bananas®.  I cannot recommend her and her program highly enough and am absolutely delighted to be collaborating with Skip on a number of exciting new projects.  Watch this space for news on our creative endeavors!  

I've developed and refined Bookworm Yoga's curriculum during my tenure as the Head of Wellness at Heathside Preparatory School in Hampstead, London.  I'm so fortunate to teach in such a dynamic and lovely whole-child environment!  

School founder and headmistress Melissa Remus-Elliot has grown the school from fewer than twenty students to more than 300 while maintaining the integrity of their community-based, child-centred vision.

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Greetings!  I'm Barb. 


Thanks for checking out Bookworm Yoga, soon to be bloomBRIGHT! 

I've been a teacher in and out of early years and primary classrooms for more than nineteen years, after earning my Master's in Teaching.  My practice of and dedication to yoga has been blossoming for ten years, leading me to pursue certification to teach yoga for children. 


Over the past five years it has been my pleasure and privilege to bring together three things about which I'm exceedingly enthusiastic - getting bendy, great books, and most importantly, fun with fantastic kids.  More recently, I've taken all that I've developed as Bookworm Yoga and loosely aligned it with the chakra system, the energy centres of the body.  You can find out more about these updates and the coming shift in focus on the Energy Rainbow page.


Bloom BRIGHT naturally still encompasses all that Bookworm Yoga has been and then some, build out of my life-long mad passion for brilliant children's books.  The featured titles, sample session, and lesson plans I'm posting are here for you to try on, try out, and share with your children at home or school.  

I'd love to hear from you if you find them useful, or inspiring, or would like to share titles or ideas of your own.  Please say hi at bookwormyoga@gmail.com.

We close each school session with this intention:

Peace in your mind

Peace when you speak

Peace in your heart


I bid you the same.  Thanks again for stopping by!

Barb Turk
Creator of Bookworm Yoga​