Beatrice and Vanessa

Beatrice and Vanessa, lifelong friends, decide to set forth on an adventure beyond their meadow.  After raiding the farmhouse for provisions, they set off for the unknown.  While exploring on their excursion, they happen upon a pack of hungry wolves.  How do they manage to escape?

Drawing courage, the intrepid friends – with the help of an unwitting bear – together manage to outsmart the wolves using ingenuity and pluck.









Pose Sequence

Beatrice and Vanessa

Cow and Cat Pose - 


Beatrice and Vanessa are quadrupeds, and the Cow and Cat combination serves as both a great warm-up as well as a representation of the girls.

Beatrice and Vanessa exploring

Opposite Arm and Leg extensions

Beatrice and Vanessa go exploring outside their meadow for the first time.  

Concentrate on making sure you lift one of your legs and then the opposite arm.   Breathe in as you raise both, and breathe out as you lower them.  

Howling Wolf

Wrist Strengthener

The wolves can sense Beatrice and Vanessa.  

Turn your hands around so your fingers face your body before you place your hands in front of you.  Once you're positioned, HOWL!

Drawing Courage

Warrior II - Virabadrasana II

Beatrice and Vanessa find the courage to problem solve and face the wolves.

Place your front foot pointing toward the circle, and take a big step back, planting your back foot centered sideways behind it.  Raise your arms parallel to the floor. Breathe in and out.


Chair Pose -


The bear frightens away the wolves - Beatrice and Vanessa are saved!

Stand straight and tall with your arms at your sides.  In one move, breathe in, then raise your arms and growl like a bear, and sit as though you were sitting in a chair as you breathe out, all in one go.

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