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Trusting yourself & your own intuition      THIRD EYE chakra

The characters in these stories trust that they are just as they're meant to be, even though they might be different from the others around them.  


When I close a session with my students, together we say "Peace in your mind, peace when you speak, and peace in your heart.'  Peace in your mind is trusting that you know yourself, that you can figure things out, and that you're just as you're meant to be.  


All these stem from your own intuition, from your third eye, the sixth chakra, centred between your eyes in your forehead.  The seventh chakra, the crown, is at the top of your head.  It connects you to something bigger - be it a sense of God, your family, the Universe.


'I trust in myself, and in something bigger than me.'

Written by Munro Leaf

Illustrated by Robert Lawson


Written and illustrated

by Catherine Rayner

Harris Finds His Feet