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Your Energy Rainbow

In yogic traditions, there are seven energy centres of the body flowing up the spinal column.  These are known as the chakras.  


Each chakra has a corresponding colour, and each is based in a particular place in the body.

I describe them to my students as their own energy rainbow. 


















The first three chakras involve an individual's sense of self, each evolving from the previous.  These are:


1. The Root Chakra 

    Safety and Belonging

2. The Sacral Chakra

   Expression of Feelings and Creativity

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra 

    Capability and Confidence


The remaining four chakras involve the individual's relationship with him or herself and others.  These are:


4. The Heart Centre Chakra

    Loving Kindness and Gratitude

5. The Throat Chakra

    Communicating Respectfully

6. The Third Eye Chakra

    Trusting yourself and your intuition

7. The Crown Chakra

    Trusting in something bigger than you 


During the past five years of using children's picture books in my yoga sessions, I realised that most of the stories could be easily aligned with the chakras.  I now focus on stories from one of the six chakras (combining the sixth and seventh together) each half term of the school year.

​Books about Expressing Yourself

These stories feature characters expressing their feelings and embracing their individual creativity.

Books about
Being Capable and Confident
These lovely titles feature characters persevering through tricky situations, and developing confidence in their capabilities along the way.
Books about
Safety and Belonging

Everyone needs to have a place where they feel that they're safe and they belong.  These stories feature characters in search of home.

Books about
Trusting Yourself and Others


These lovely titles feature characters trusting in themselves, allowing them to guide others in believing in themselves as well.

Books about Communicating Respectfully


These stories feature characters exploring the power of language in sharing their truths, with some misunderstandings along the way.

Books about
Loving Kindness and Gratitude

Once you're feeling safe, expressive, and confident, you're ready to offer love to yourself and others.  These stories feature families and friends going through great lengths for each other.

The first three chakras:

Your relationship with yourself


The final four chakras:

Your relationship with others