George and the Dragon

High, high up in the tall, tall mountains, in a deep, deep valley, in a dark, dark cave… there lived a mighty dragon.

The dragon is the most fierce, treacherous and frightening that you can possibly imagine. 

But he has a BIG secret.   Actually, a small secret.

He was terrified of mice!

Which was a pity, because that very day a mouse named George moved into the cave next door.  George soon realised he had no sugar for his tea, and went next door to see if he could borrow some.

What happened next brought him all the way to the castle!

Pose Sequence



Stand with your feet wide apart, your front foot facing forward and your back foot sideways.  Bend your front knee and lower your arm toward your ankle or the floor, then straighten your front leg. Wiggle your fingers of your raised arm - that's the smoke coming out of the chimney!

George's teapot


Stand up straight and tall.  Bend one knee up, and grab your ankle with your hand.  Bring your other arm in front of you, curved like a spout.  Concentrate and balance, bending at the waist to 'pour' the tea.  Try it a few times, then switch feet to the other side.


Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Begin in Down Dog.  Keep your hands and feet stable, and shift your hips and chest forward, lowering toward the floor without touching it.  Breathe in and come back up to Down Dog.  Breathe out and move forward again.  Try this a few times, breathing in and out as you go 'up and down.'


Stand straight and tall with your arms at your sides.  In one move, breathe in, then raise your arms, and sit as though you were sitting in a chair as you breathe out, all in one go. 

Mountain / Cave

Adho Mukha Svanasana 

This pose can be a mountain, and serves the purpose well (rather than proper Mountain pose) when going up and down the mountain.

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