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I had the great pleasure of participating in Lorraine Murray's Connected Kids Professional Training in October 2013, two magical days of grounding, heart-opening meditation facilitation.   One of the many insightful ideas Lorraine suggested we try in meditation sessions with children is colouring in mandalas.  I'd seen mandalas before, but hadn't used them with my students, and hadn't coloured them in myself.  


Before starting to colour in our own mandalas, Lorraine encouraged us to think about the different colours in the chakra system in our bodies - the life energies surging up and down our spines.  One of the loveliest and simplest explanations of the chakras I've found is this one, pictured below.   When I presented this to my own students, I talked about the different chakras and what each represents, in colour and feeling, and then let them loose colouring their own mandalas.  

Mindful Chakra Colouring with Mandalas

Root Chakra - I AM

Safety, Belonging, Security


Sacral Chakra - I FEEL

Creative Expression


Solar Plexus Chakra - I DO

Bravery, Confidence, Power


Heart Centre Chakra - I LOVE

Loving Kindness to Self and Others


Throat Chakra - I SPEAK



Third Eye Chakra - I SEE

Trust in One's Self


Crown Chakra - I UNDERSTAND

Trust beyond One's Self


Once I realigned my curriculum to coordinate with the chakra system, I wanted a tangible reminder of the intentions of each one, both for me and for my students.  I wrote a mantra representative of each chakra, and had them printed on rubber bracelets, pictured here, and the mantras listed below.  It occurred to me that I might not be the only one who wanted to carry a chakra mantra along with her each day - you might too!  I've also tied the chakra concepts together in the acronym BRIGHT, detailed below.   


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Introducing Bloom BRIGHT Chakra Bands

Root Chakra - I AM - BELONGING

'I am safe and I belong.  I am grounded.'


Sacral Chakra - I FEEL - RADIANCE

'I express my feelings and my creativity.'


Solar Plexus Chakra - I DO - INSPIRATION

'I am capable and confident.'


Heart Centre Chakra - I LOVE - GRATITUDE

'I am grateful.  I am kind and loving to myself and others.'


Throat Chakra - I SPEAK - HONESTY

'I share my thoughts and ideas respectfully.' 


Third Eye Chakra - I SEE - TRUST

'I trust in myself and in something bigger than me.'



'I trust in myself and in something bigger than me.'