Mr. Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo

Mr. Peek is the zookeeper.   As he's heading out for the morning, he puts on his jacket and realises it's quite snug.  He's surprised, and NOT in a good way.

As he goes about his morning, he mutters cranky musings to himself, criticising his weight, his diet, his lack of exercise... causing the hippo, the bear, the elephant, the crocodile and the monkeys to misinterpret him, thinking his grouchy murmurings are referring to them.

When Mr. Peek gets home, he sees his son wearing his matching jacket.  Which, coincidentally, seems far too big for him.  It IS too big, because it's Mr. PEEK's jacket!  Once properly sorted and attired, he's in a far better mood.  He sorts himself (and the animals) out with positive messages upon his return to the zoo.

Pose Sequence


​Opposite Arm and Leg Extension 

The hippo walks slowly over to the water and climbs in.

Concentrate on making sure you lift one of your legs and then the opposite arm.   Breathe in as you raise both, and breathe out as you lower them.


Salabhasana variation


Lie on your belly with your arms and legs fully extended in front of and behind you.  As you take a deep breath in through your nose, raise your arms and legs together.  Bring them up, up, up as you breathe in, and then lower them quickly as you SNAP! down.  Repeat three times. 



Stand straight and tall with your arms at your sides.  In one move, breathe in, then raise your arms, and sit as though you were sitting in a chair as you breathe out, all in one go.  Growl!



Stand straight and tall with your arms at your sides.  As you breathe in, reach up and clasp your hands together.  Breathe out, and bend, bringing your 'trunk' down to the watering hole.  Breathe in, getting water, then come back to standing, ' showering those around you with your spray.


Modified Tadasana / Utkatasana

Stand straight up with your arms at your sides.  Breathe in through your nose, and raise one arm in front of you and one behind.  Breathe out, and bend your knees deeply, swinging your arms in the opposite direction as you straighten out.  Repeat, swinging through the trees.

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