Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Mr. Tiger lives in a place where everyone always does everything PROPERLY.

They walk properly, upright and calm.  They greet each other properly.  And they always act as others expect them to.


Until, one day, Mr. Tiger goes WILD.


He doesn't realize how much he has needed to let loose, but once he does, there's no going back.  His friends, horrified, suggest he go live in the wild, and he does.


Until he misses them, and they miss him.  


Soon enough, everyone has let loose in their own small way, and everyone is much happier.



Pose Sequence

Mr. Tiger prowling

​Opposite Arm and Leg Extension 

Concentrate on making sure you lift one of your legs and then the opposite arm.   Breathe in as you raise both, and breathe out as you lower them.

Mr. Tiger

Cow and Cat Pose - 




Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Begin in Down Dog.  Keep your hands and feet stable, and shift your hips and chest forward, lowering toward the floor without touching it.  Breathe in and come back up to Down Dog.  Breathe out and move forward again.  Try this a few times, breathing in and out as you go 'up and down.'


Tree Pose - Vrksasana

With younger children, we practice being trees on two legs first.  Feel for your belly button and rub your hands down your legs and back up again to get a sense of your trunk.  This is grounded and still.  This is a great precursor to a one-legged stance. 

How Do You Do?

Tadasana with Namaste Hands

Stand comfortably with your back and legs straight.  Breathe in and out.  Relax your shoulders.  Bring your arms up over your head on your next in breath, and lower your hands to your heart as you breathe out.  Turn to your neighbour and bow, saying 'How Do You Do?'  Turn to the other side and repeat.

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