A Not-So-Ordinary Bookworm Yoga Session looks like this...




Story Book and Corresponding Yoga Poses



We sit in a circle in Bookworm Yoga, so everyone can see and acknowledge every one else with a smile.  After we check our seated posture, I take a moment at the beginning of each session to go around the circle and welcome each child by name.

Next, we warm up our bodies.  Hug your knees, and balance on your sitting bones with your feet off the floor whether they're pointed or flexed.  Breathe here and balance.   In and out.  Then, roll back, still hugging your knees, and when you roll forward, make sure to pull your belly in to stop yourself before your feet touch the floor.  Keep those feet up!  After three or four rolls while hugging your knees, straighten your legs - still not letting them touch the floor - and try it that way.  Always keeping those feet / legs up!

After rolling, I'll lead older children through an exercise getting up and down without using your hands, or sing a little movement song with the younger ones.

This is the part that puts the book in Bookworm!  I'll introduce the story for the day, and we'll start reading it together.  We pause after every two-three pages to pose what we're reading.  Wondering what books we read?  What poses go with them?  I thought you'd never ask!  Check out the Featured Titles for a sample.  There are loads to choose from!

We save the best for last.  After we've finished the story - or in some cases stopped with a cliffhanger for next time - we rest.  Lying down, bodies totally still, eyes closed.  We relax from our toes to the tops of our heads, or get rid of worries with a heart wash.  We become calm, listen, and breathe.

We end as we started - honouring each other.  

​Peace in your mind         (Hands together at your forehead)

Peace when you speak    (Hands together at your lips)

Peace in your heart        (Hands together at your heart)