Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Sylvester is a donkey who loves to collect pebbles of unusual shape and colour.  One day he discovers a remarkable red pebble, and quickly realises that it holds the power to grant wishes.  He wishes it would stop raining, and it does!  He wishes it would rain again, just to test it, and it does!  Thunder, Lightning, BOOM!

On his way home to share this remarkable pebble with his family, he happens upon a lion who regards him hungrily.  Sylvester panics, and says, ‘I wish I were a rock!’  And then, all of a sudden, he IS… with no means of turning back into himself again.  Through changing seasons, howling wolves perched on his rock, will Sylvester ever be himself again?


Pose Sequence

Sylvester exploring

Opposite Arm and Leg extensions

Sylvester goes out in search of pebbles for his collection.  

Concentrate on making sure you lift one of your legs and then the opposite arm.   Breathe in as you raise both, and breathe out as you lower them.  

Magic Pebble

Child's Pose - Balasana

The marvellous, perfectly round red pebble Sylvester discovers has magical powers!


Chair Pose -


As a test, Sylvester wishes it would rain again.  Nothing happens, until he once again holds the pebble in his hoof.  Suddenly, thunder and lightening BOOM and the rain rages down again.

Stand straight and tall with your arms at your sides.  In one move, breathe in, then raise your arms, and sit as though you were sitting in a chair as you breathe out, all in one go. Boom!


Cow and Cat Pose - 



Sylvester is so excited about the pebble, he's distracted on his walk home.  When he sees a lion, he panics - and wishes he were a rock.

Begin the lion pose with your back arched, then give a low growl as you lower your belly and breathe out.  For a variation, lower your forearms to the floor to stalk Sylvester as well.

Howling Wolf

Wrist Strengthener

As Sylvester endures the changing seasons as a rock on Strawberry Hill, a lone wolf perches on him and howls with hunger in the dead of winter.

Turn your hands around so your fingers face your body before you place your hands in front of you.  Once you're positioned, HOWL!

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