Three by the Sea

In a lovely little cottage by the seaside, the Cat, the Dog, and the Mouse live together happily.  Each has his own job, and all are seemingly content... until one stormy night when a mysterious stranger arrives representing the Winds of Change.

This stranger plants seeds of doubt in each of the friends' minds regarding his or her role in the cottage, one by one... and the have a TERRIBLE row.  While the others try to sleep, the Mouse decides to leave.  Rough seas sweep him offshore, and first the Cat then the Dog dive in to rescue him.  Once safely on land, the friends quickly reconcile and agree the stranger should leave, but he is already gone - although he has left them a few parting gifts before rowing away in their boat.

The friends take stock of the stranger's advice and put a few of the ideas into action, in a more active collaboration.

Pose Sequence


Cow and Cat Pose -
Bitilasana / Marjaryasana






Adho Mukha Svanasana


Once you have completed the downward dog for Dog, return to your knees and try 'panting,' kapalabhati breathing.  Contract your belly in with each outward pant breath, with your tongue as far out of your mouth as you can manage.  Repeat to a count of 20 to start, working up to 40 or 50.

Diving in

Salabhasana variation​

Lie on your belly with your arms and legs outstretched.  Take a deep breath in through your nose and as you breathe out, lift both your arms and legs at the same time.  Breathe in, keeping them elevated, now mimicking the breaststroke.  Breathe out, still swimming.  Breathe in and out one more time while swimming before you lower your limbs.

Rowing Away
Boat Pose - Paripurna Navasana​

Begin in a seated position with your back straight and your legs straight out in front of you.  Lower your back as you lift your legs. Breathe in and out, using your arms to row.

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