Exclamation Mark

'He stood out from the very beginning...'


So begins the lovely Exclamation Mark.


Uncertain of his role, he tries and tries to fit in among the full stops, to no avail.  No matter what he does, he's just different.    He was confused, flummoxed, and deflated.


One day, he meets Question Mark.  Question Mark asks Exclamation Mark countless queries, so many, over and over... until Exclamation Mark gets so overwhlemed he yells, 'STOP!'


He didn't know he had it in him.  


All of a sudden, he realises his purpose.  Hi!  Hello!  Cool!  You're It!  He couldn't wait to show everyone.


With his head held high, he went off to make his mark.


Pose Sequence

Exclamation Mark

​Mountain Pose - Tadasana

The Exclamation Mark is strong, still and certain, even when he knows he's different than the others.

Standing still, straight, and tall is much trickier than it sounds.  Keep your eyes focused on your drushti - your focus point - and concentrate on your breathing.

I've GOT IT!

Shakti kicks


Exclamation Mark finally understands his place and his purpose.  That's worth some emphatic exclamation!

As Exclamation Mark, place your hands well in front of you, and then hop up, feeling the transfer of your weight from your feet to your hands and back, landing on your toes.  Repeat four or five times.

Full Stop

Lotus - Sukhasana​ combined with rolling backwards and forwards

Sit on your sitting bones, leaning slightly back.  Hug your knees to your chest and lift your feet off the ground, balancing there.  Concentrate on that point of balance in your body.  Breathe in and out.  Roll back, roll forward, and stop at the same spot.

Corpse Pose - Savasana

Exclamation Mark only blends in with the full stops when he's lying down.

Lie on your back.  Let your legs relax, feet turning slightly outward.  Rest your arms comfortably along your sides.  Breathe in deeply and out deeply. 

Rag Doll/Forward Bend - Uttanasana

Exclamation Mark is increasingly worn out when he continues to feel he doesn't fit in. 

Begin in Mountain Pose - Tadasana.  Take a deep breath in, bringing your arms over your head as you do.  As you breathe out, bring your arms around and down as you bend at the hips and hang low.  Can you touch the floor while keeping your legs straight?

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